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This product has been developed to effectively remove lash extensions by gently breaking down the adhesive bonds. The Lash Extension Remover can be used at home to remove lash extensions, without the need to have them professionally removed in a salon.




Lash extensions should always be removed carefully to avoid damaging natural lashes. Pulling out a lash could prematurely remove it. This is especially detrimental if the lash is still in the anagen (growth) phase. 


Brush applicator up lashes from root to tip. Leave on for 10 minutes. Use applicator to brush eyelashes again from root to tip, before sliding lash extensions off. You may require a second application if a stronger adhesive has been used and a further 5-10 minutes.

Lash Extension Remover

  • Free collection from the Salon (NN3 6JR)

    Delivery with Royal Mail

    £6.80 for first class tracked

    £4.50 first class not tracked

    3-5 working days

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